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Frequently Asked Questions

The Evella Cup comes in two sizes – Size 1 (smaller cup) and Size 2 (larger cup). We recommend our Size 1 cup for those under 30 years old who consider themselves to have a light to medium menstrual flow. This may include teenagers, petite users, those who prefer a ‘mini’ tampon and/or those who have not given birth. Our Size 1 cup we find is our cup that 'fits most'. 

Our Size 2 cup is best suited for women that are either over 30, have given vaginal birth or consider themselves to have a heavier menstrual flow. 

Sometimes finding the best size for you can be a bit of  trial and error. Many find they can wear two sizes anyway and choose both our Size 1 and 2 cups.  Size 1 on light days and a Size 2 on heavy days. 

Every woman is unique and therefore it is worth noting that cervix height varies between individuals and cups can move up and down during the day. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about sizing – support@evellahealth.com

Period Cup Sizes

Yes! Much like tampons, some people will get the hang of their cup straight away; whereas for others, it may take a little longer. Once you have got the hang of it, you will find it is really easy to use! We recommend for new users to try for the first time while in the shower. This way, the water helps with lubrication and you won't need to worry about any mess. You can also use water-based lubricants if you feel you need to. Please refer to our folding guide for techniques on the different ways you can fold your cup to help with insertion, or refer to our video tutorial for more guidance. With a little practice you will be a pro in no time!
Everyone's flow is different. Evella menstrual cups can hold the equivalent of two tampons worth of discharge. Most of the time you can get away with up to 12 hours of use, but we recommend you change your cup every 8 hours to be on the safe side, especially on your heavier flow days. 

Keeping your period cup clean and hygenic is quick and simple. There are good, better and best options when it comes to cleaning your period cup to help fit any daily situation you find yourself in. Gone are the days of letting your period hold you back in your day-to-day life!

Good Option: If you don't have access to clean water, simply empty the contents of your cup into the toilet and wipe clean with toilet paper before re-use is perfectly fine.

Better Option: After emptying the contents of your cup, simply run under cold water and wash with a mild soap. Ensure all soap suds are washed off before re-inserting.

Best Option: Where possible and especially after your period cycle has finished, boil your cup for 2 to 5 minutes to sterilise and then allow to air dry before storing the cup away in your Evella carry bag ready for next months use.

Evella Menstrual cups are designed beautifully to allow the contents of your cup to stay in your cup when emptying.

Although they are designed to keep your hands clean, when first getting use to a period cup it may be a little messy, but with the use of our specificlly designed longer stem pull-tab along with the flexible silicon side walls you will be a pro in no time at all.

Your Evella cup should not leak. To help ensure you don't get any leaks: 

1. Make sure you have the correct size cup.

2. Your cup has been inserted correctly (your cup has opened fully and created a seal).

3. You empty your cup when it is needed (do not leave your cup in for longer than 8 hours without emptying it).

Using these 3 points as a guide will help prevent any potential leaks. 

Leaks are never fun! However just like a tampon they can happen. Here are our tips on how to resolve them: 

1. Your cup may not have opened properly - This is normally due to either the fold or size not being right. We have found most users prefer the punchdown fold as the best for insertion and allowing the cup to open correctly. Once inserted manoeuvre the cup so it is comfortable and give it a gentle tug to confirm the suction has been formed. You may also use your finger to feel around the cup to ensure it has opened properly. If your cup has not opened properly then it may buckle and you might experience leaking down the side. 

Ideally you want to position your cup just below your cervix, however, not all cervixes are centred! When you go for your next smear or vaginal exam, ask your doctor or gynaecologist where your cervix sits if you are unsure. 

For example, if your cervix sits slightly to the left then you would want to angle your cup more to the left to ensure it sits nicely below your cervix and visa versa. 

2. Your cup was wet when you inserted - If there is excess water on the outside of the cup it can mix with any existing menstrual blood already in your vagina making you think that your cup is leaking. This is more of an 'existing situation' scenario. This can be avoided by wiping your cup dry before insertion. 

3. If your cup is nearly full - The weight of the cup can reduce the suction which may cause a leak. While you can wear your cup for up to 8 hours, if your flow is heavy you will need to empty your cup more often.   

If you need any additional help or assistance please contact us at support@evellahealth.com 

Like a tampon your Evella cup shouldn't need any extra protection so long as your cup is inserted correctly, you have the correct size cup and you empty your cup when needed. Although if you feel comfortable there is no problem whatsoever in wearing a liner or pad with your period cup. It will not effect the cup doing its job and if it helps provide you with extra peace of mind then go for it! 

As long as your period cup has been inserted correctly and formed a seal your are good to go. Because Evella Menstrual Cups can hold two to three times the amount as a regular tampon they are fantastic for night use while you sleep.

It is completelty normal for period blood to have a slight smell  to it. Iron content, vaginal bacteria and discharge within the blood along with the oxidation of the blood are some of the factors that can give odour.

Luckily the Evella Menstrual Cups are made and designed from 100% medical-grade silicon which makes them very resilient to carrying odours as long as they are washed and sterilised regularly.

Overtime if you do find your cup carrying a slight odour a great trick is to simply air dry your cup in the sunlight after it has been sterilised. 

Luckily for us ladies our cervix is a one way street so your cup isn't going anywhere. Some of our cervixes are higher then others and its completely normal if your cup is right up there. When it comes time to removing simply relax and practise those pelvic floor muscles of yours by bearing down as if you were doing a poo.

Once your cup has been pushed closer to the vaginal opening from your amazing pelvic floors, simply insert a finger or two to locate the long stem pull-tab and you're good to go. 

The Evella cup has been specially designed and moulded with comfort and practicality in mind. We know first hand the discomforts that can arise from that time of the month. 

Our period cup should not only be easy to insert but also remove with some of the extra features we have added. 

An extra long stem is really handy and makes the Evella cup easy to remove. All of our cups are BPA free! We love Mother Nature and want to give her the respect she deserves. We have even provided measuring lines inside our cup for those who like to keep track of their flow. 

And all our cups are 100% medical grade silicon.

The period cup when inserted correctly should be comfortable and almost feel as though it isn't there. If there is any discomfort then please refer to our guidelines on how to insert your period cup correctly.

At Evella Health we give back! We were raised to treat people the way you wish to be treated and it is important to us to not only provide a quality product that feels comfortable but to also help those who are less fortunate than us. 

In many of the poorest countries where hygiene and even basic drinking water is scarce you can imagine the huge challenges that come with menstruation. Where there are no tampons, pads or menstrual cups and instead they are using newspaper, sponges, rags, bark or leaves, many of these girls will miss days of school each time and this then often leads to them dropping out completely.

Now we don't want you to imagine the horrors that come from this situation, what we do want you to imagine is not only how amazing you will feel knowing you have contributed to helping the world become a better place and making the lives that little bit better for these women. An Evella Cup will not only provide these women with a sustainable solution to their monthly menstruation but also allow them to continue growing at school and flourishing into the powerful women they are and will become. 

For every Evella Cup sold we donate one! That is our One-For-One vision! 

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