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Providing Menstrual Health to those in Developing Nations:

At Evella we are passionate about removing the stigma around periods and supporting all women with essential menstrual hygiene regardless of where they live. We are committed to lasting change and restoring dignity to all women.

Unfortunately in many developing nations all around the world basic period supplies are simply too expensive or even inaccessible. 

For many their monthly period means being shunned, forced to leave work, staying home for countless days on end and scrounging up whatever supplies are available to create make-shift pads. 

Worse off in some cultures like in Sitatola, India women are banished for up to five days to leaky-huts on the outskirts of their villages and are isolated and left to bleed. I'm sure you can imagine the shame and embarrassment this would bring to these women. 

I'm sure you can agree with us that enough is enough. Menstruation is a natural thing that no-one should feel embarrassed about. At Evella Health we really do believe we can make a lasting change for good with these systemic stigmas surrounding periods by empowering women with the basic necessities to help manage their periods.

With our one-for-one program for every Evella Health Menstrual Cup purchased, we have committed to match it by donating a menstrual cup to women in need within a developing nation. 

I don't want you to imagine how challenging it would be for one of these women left to feel shamed, but what I do want you to imagine is how good you feel knowing you have directly done your part by helping empower these women with the purchase of an Evella Menstrual Cup.

People say many hands make light work. We are here asking for your helping hand in creating real, lasting change together.