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A menstrual cup may seem daunting and foreign at first compared to traditional menstrual options, but we are here to walk you through every step from insertion and use, to cleaning and storage. Not only are menstrual cups great for the environment but when used properly are a more natural and comfortable alternative. So let’s get started!

How Do they work?

Evella Menstrual cups are made from 100% Medical-grade silicone that are latex, BPA and plastic free. The reusable cup is specially moulded to be inserted and sit comfortably within the vagina. When inserted correctly the silicone cup will create a seal around the vaginal wall ensuring a leak proof experience. The menstrual cup has the ability to hold two tampons worth of discharge and are designed to last up to eight (8) hours at a time.

The Evella cup may sit higher or lower in your vagina depending on where your cervix is located. The stem pull-tab is completely customisable and may be trimmed shorter to prevent irritation.

Prior to Use:

Before you use for the first time and in-between each consecutive use it is best to wash and sterilise your menstrual cup. To sterilise your cup simply boil in water for 3-5 minutes and allow to air dry. Washing your menstrual cup is best done under warm water using an unscented gentle soap.

How to Insert:

Now that your menstrual cup is ready for use, let’s talk about inserting. It is best to find a position that can help you relax as much as possible as this will make it easier to insert. Some of the most common positions are sitting on the toilet, having one leg up on a surface or ever squatting in the shower. Below are some diagrams of some of the most common folding techniques to assist with insertion.


It may be a good idea to use some water or water-based lubricant to reduce friction while inserting. Slowly insert the cup into the vagina on a 45-degree angle pointing back towards your tail bone. Once fully inserted the cup should pop open to form a complete seal around the vaginal wall. Gently check that the cup is sealed and positioned properly by running your finger around the perimeter of the cup. If the cup hasn’t opened properly or the seal hasn’t formed gently rotate or try some pelvic floor exercises to achieve the desired result. If you feel any pain or discomfort simply pinch the base of the cup to break the seal, remove and try again.


The Evella cup is to be removed and replaced every eight (8) hours or possibly sooner depending on your flow. To remove, again find a comfortable position. Simply insert two fingers inside the vagina locating the base of the menstrual cup. Gently pinch the base of the cup breaking the seal and gently pull out. Some of the most common places to remove the cup and dispose of discharge are either on the toilet, squatting in the shower or even with a leg up over the bath tub.